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Secondary overview – JOOL Markets

We have a dedicated focus on providing liquidity in our portfolio of bonds in order to efficiently and quickly execute secondary market orders. We regularly provide transaction prices and indicative prices online and our investors can also be informed directly by the sales team about new opportunities in our secondary market when they arise.
For questions regarding any of our bonds, please contact our brokers at:
Sweden: (+46) (0) 31 797 19 94 – Norway: (+47) 22 01 85 30 – Finland: (+358) 207 109 070 – or email:

Indicative prices on the secondary market

Indicative price ranges in the secondary market are shown below. The maximum transaction spread is 2 %.

NameISINCouponEstablishedTenorIndicative buyIndicative sellLast transaction priceLast transaction dateCurrency
Gemma Utveckling 2016 AB Sr Secured 16/18NO001077950713 %2016-12-1224 months94.5100.597.52017-09-01NOK
Gemma Utveckling 2016 AB Sr Secured 16/18NO001077951513 %2016-12-1224 months92.598.595.52017-11-17SEK
Koggbron Projekt AB (Publ) SrNO001078761718 %2017-03-2424 months971031002018-03-08NOK
Koggbron Projekt AB (Publ) SrNO001078762518 %2017-03-2424 months971031002017-03-24USD
Koggbron Projekt AB (Publ) JrNO001078763318 %2017-03-2424 months971031002018-04-09NOK
Koggbron Projekt AB (Publ) JrNO001078764111,5 %2017-03-2424 months971031002018-02-27USD
Koggbron AB (Publ)NO001079127012 %2017-05-3124 months971031002017-11-28NOK
Koggbron AB (Publ)NO001079128812 %2017-05-3124 months971031002018-04-03USD
Solnes Invest ASNO001079153611 %2017-05-0412 months971031002017-05-04NOK
Solnes Invest ASNO001079154411 %2017-05-0412 months971031002017-05-04SEK
GG Tobaksvejen 2C Holding ApS - Sr SecuredNO00107944239 %2017-06-0715 months971031002017-11-28NOK
GG Tobaksvejen 2C Holding ApS - Jr SecuredNO001079444918 %2017-06-0715 months971031002017-06-07NOK
Golf Hotel Læsø ASNO001079800212 %2017-06-3018 months971031002017-06-30NOK
GG Development 3 ApS Sr (St. Kongensgade)NO001079851510 %2017-06-0520 months971031002017-10-19NOK
GG Development 3 ApS Sr (St. Kongensgade)NO001079852310 %2017-06-0520 months981041012017-09-15EUR
GG Development 3 ApS Jr (St. Kongensgade)NO001079859818 %2017-06-0520 months971031002017-08-23NOK
GG Development 3 ApS Jr (St. Kongensgade)NO001079860618 %2017-06-0520 months98.5104.5101.52017-08-25EUR
Gemma Utveckling 2017 AB (Publ)NO001079923212 %2017-09-0118 months971031002017-09-01NOK
Filago Prosjekt Holding 1 ASNO001080497412 %2017-09-2024 months971031002018-04-13NOK
Filago Prosjekt Holding 1 ASNO001080498212 %2017-09-2024 months98.1104.1101.12017-11-20SEK
Inter Eiendom ASNO001080508810 %2017-09-2024 months971031002018-02-07NOK
Inter Eiendom ASNO001080509610 %2017-09-2024 months971031002017-09-20SEK
Grundingen Fastigheter AB (Publ)NO00108051126 %2017-09-2236 months971031002018-02-28NOK
Grundingen Fastigheter AB (Publ)NO00108051386 %2017-09-2236 months971031002018-01-29USD
Malmø Katrinelund 27 AB Sr Secured NO00108080906 %2017-12-1536 months971031002018-04-16NOK
Blåfjell ASNO001080980913 %2017-11-0936 months981041012018-02-02NOK
Gemma Properties Holding AB (Publ)NO00108109638 %2017-11-3012 months98.5104.5101.52017-12-22NOK
Niels Juels Gade 9-13 Holding ApS JrNO001081171415 %2017-12-1224 months971031002018-03-02NOK
Niels Juels Gade 9-13 Holding ApS JrNO001081172215 %2017-12-1224 months971031002018-03-12USD
Niels Juels Gade 9-13 Holding ApS SrNO001081173010 %2017-12-1224 months981041012018-03-05NOK
Niels Juels Gade 9-13 Holding ApS SrNO001081174810 %2017-12-1224 months971031002018-03-12USD
Oslo House Invest ASNO001081233210 % 2017-12-2036 months971031002018-02-28NOK
Trinitas Fastigheter ABNO001081252210 %2018-01-3124 months971031002018-04-05NOK
Cimco Marine ABNO001081544210,75 %2018-02-1536 months971031002018-02-20NOK
Oskar Office ApSNO001081564011 %2018-02-1636 months971031002018-04-13NOK
Oskar Office ApSNO001081575611 %2018-02-1636 months971031002018-03-20EUR
Gefion Group Holdco ApSNO001081814912 %2018-03-0924 months971031002018-04-10NOK
Koggbron Projekt AB (Publ) SrSE000969647911,5 %2017-03-2424 months971031002018-04-13SEK
Koggbron Projekt AB (Publ) JrSE000969651118 %2017-03-2424 months971031002018-01-12SEK
Koggbron AB (Publ)SE000980657312 %2017-05-3124 months971031002018-01-08SEK
Koggbron AB Jr (Publ)SE000988917318 %2017-05-3124 months97.5103.5100.52017-09-04SEK
GG Tobaksvejen 2C Holding ApS - Sr SecuredSE00099942709 %2017-06-0715 months971031002018-03-21SEK
GG Tobaksvejen 2C Holding ApS - Jr SecuredSE000999428818 %2017-06-0715 months971031002018-04-05SEK
Golf Hotel Læsø ASSE001002348112 %2017-06-3018 months971031002017-06-30SEK
Malmø Katrinelund 27 AB Sr Secured SE00101017826 %2017-12-1536 months971031002018-04-12SEK
GG Development 3 ApS Sr (St. Kongensgade)SE001010187310 %2017-06-0520 months981041012017-09-22SEK
GG Development 3 ApS Jr (St. Kongensgade)SE001010188118 %2017-06-0520 months981041012017-09-25SEK
Gemma Utveckling 2017 AB (Publ)SE001029701012 %2017-09-0118 months971031002017-09-01SEK
Grundingen Fastigheter AB (Publ)SE00103241946 %2017-09-2236 months971031002018-01-23SEK
Malmø Katrinelund 27 AB Sr Secured SE00104422696 %2017-12-1536 months971031002017-12-19EUR
Niels Juels Gade 9-13 Holding ApS JrSE001063639915 %2017-12-1224 months971031002018-04-04SEK
Niels Juels Gade 9-13 Holding ApS SrSE001063640710 %2017-12-1224 months971031002018-04-03SEK
Trinitas Fastigheter ABSE001066224710 %2018-01-3124 months971031002018-02-08SEK
Trinitas Fastigheter ABSE001066225410 %2018-01-3124 months971031002018-02-06EUR
Hultqvist Alfa ABSE001071379211 %2018-01-2520 months971031002018-02-23SEK
Hultqvist Alfa ABSE001071380011 %2018-01-2520 months971031002018-03-23EUR
Cimco Marine ABSE001083154510,75 %2018-02-1536 months971031002018-04-06SEK
Oskar Office ApSSE001086929711 %2018-02-1636 months971031002018-03-01SEK
Gefion Group Holdco ApSSE001094880212 %2018-03-0924 months98.72104.72101.722018-03-09SEK
Biofish Holding ASNO001082017811 %2018-04-1318 months971031002018-04-13NOK

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